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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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is closed to the public they do that every time it snows to prevent traffic and parking gridlock. there is a dusting of snow on mount diablo. snowfall three days after record heat around the bay area. in the last 24 hours we have everything from rain to light thing to extremely low snow levels. and there is more. meteorologist jeff ranieri, you must be in seventh heaven? >> very exciting for meet ro meteorologists. this morning, for some, frightening when we did have severe weather reports. you can seep o see our cold sto system to the south. two tornado reports in southern california. for us, wind that top 60 miles per hour. not only that, but light thing early this morning, in san francisco. and also in oakland. and hail reports that covered even parts of highway 101 near the san francisco airport. producing a multiple car accident. and then, at the peak of this weather, army this morning, at
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least 900 power outages were reported. now, look at this. this is the instance of some of the hail that we had come down. this picture coming to us from oakland and hartnit through national weather service. not a white ground. that is all hail covering the ground, the chairs, also, some of the benches back there. so, let's get a look right now. tracking more active tee here across the santa cruz mountains. not done yet, the cold core, low-pressure system has enough instability we are looking at a few areas of downpours expected for tonight. this particular thunderstorm, cell, across santa cruz mountains, 1/2 inch and/or greater per hour. isolated flooding concerns for the mountains. thunderstorms look to live up here, through scotts valley and santa cruz. sierras, winding down. talk about cold. cold from the snow. coldest temperature right now. mount diablo, 34 degrees. detail all of it.
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details on the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. the same storm, brought snow to the sierra. dropping it to 18 inches. freezing temperatures mean the resorts can crank up their snow making machines. getting a solid base leading up to the thok hanksgiving holiday. mammoth is open to skiers. north store, waiting until one week from today. squall will open november 21st. lifts at alpine meadows start moving in december. >> new details about a possible suspect following a murder in san jose. it happened this morning at a quiet south san jose neighborhood. details coming in this evening about a possible get away car. a woman found dead inside of her home. the call came to 911 from the home itself. this is in blossom valley district. significant delay in the police response. nbc bay area's reporter has been following the story from the beginning. what do we know tonight? >> well we, have just learned,
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raj, police now have a murder suspect. he is 50-year-old troy nacen sdmrchltnacenzo. he lived in the home. some one called 911 at 5:38. didn't speak and hung up. when no one answered a call back from dispatch, officers showed up to the house at 6:44. nearly an hour later to investigate. >> responding to earlier this morning, prevented us coming in a timely manner to this event, was a series of accidents along santa theresa. one of the vehicles had driven into a house. >> when they did arrive, police had to wait an hour for animal control officers to remove a rotweiller and another dog so they could enter the unlocked home. that's when they found the 54-year-old woman dead. face down in the entryway of this house. police are not releasing her name until they can note fify h family. they have identified the murder
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suspect. 50-year-old, neighbors say, the victim's husband. he was last seen driving a gray chevy silverado pickup truck, california plate 8-l-7-0-0-1-5. neighbor marla hall often saw the victim walk herring dog and describes her as friendly. she is stunned she was murdered. >> scared. petrified. i'm glad i have my dog. >> this is san jose's 41st homicide of the year. highest murder count in 15 years. police admit, budget cuts are impacting the crime rate. >> i think wife e have resources we could address it. >> investigators aren't saying how the woman died or if they've found a weapon. they say they got a search warrant, and are now combing the home, looking for evidence, that may help them catch the killer.
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>> in 10 minutes. investigators have been coming out. bringing objects wrapped in brown paper. investigators tell me they will be out here, four, five hours searching the home for evidence. reporting live in south san jose, maryanne favro. >> thank you, marianne. we see some of the investigators right there behind marianne in the house. and to put it in perspective here. three years ago. when san jose was one of the safest in the country. there were 1400 officers full time. today the staffs have been reduced by 25%. it was an unusually active day for san jose police. several incidents around town where people were stealing cars and then, smashing them in the garages now. we heard, in the story, the officers addressing one of these crashes. this one at about 5:00 a.m. in san jose. people in the car, fled the scene. >> well, tense moments in the east bay. after a car chase, that ended in a crash. investigators say, sheriff's
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deputies were trying to pull some one over for reckless driving in castro valley. at the intersection of norbridge avenue. the pole came crashing down on top of another car. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. as for the man suspected of drivingissen -- he is in custody. the grinch is stealing signs from a christmas tree farm. well, jessica, hon neapbear trees at this location for 25 years. in the last several years it has donated more than 30,000 doll ldollars to local schools. tonight the effort is facing a set back. what you are looking at are empty spaces where there should be honey bear trees fund-raising banners. if you look closely, you can see where the zip tie that held up the signs were cut.
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there were seven of them hanging at different redwood city district schools. off of the the signs were stolen last week friday after being up for only a few hours. they were not taken down by mistake. >> specific to honey bear tree banners. others remain untouched. honey bear trees donates 15% of its sales. the money peas for arts and programs the schools can't afford or had to cut. >> more importantly, the theft from the fund-raising program. we are participating with schools with. it's kind of an attack on even their program. >> that's what has parents concerned. awe off the schools need the money at this time. with all of the budget cuts. and, fund-raising is a way that, builds community as well. and so this really put the da damper on it. >> the school put out a flier for honey bear.
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i am involved in two schools, locally who use their fund-raising -- services. and i don't know, you know who would be targeting them. >> the signs which cost a total of $500 will be replaced. and the fund-raising efforts will continue t. >> we'll make it happen. just take, precautionary step. pay attention. yeah. we're going forward. >> now, last year the program raised more than 7,000 dollars. redwood city police are investigating. but so far no arrests have been made. we are live tonight in redwood city. nbc bay area news. the shovels were put to use today. one of the most congested areas in the stout bay is getting a makeover. it won't be an instant makeover. the groundbreaking ceremony moan of the 62 million dollar project, that was more than a decade in the making. a lot of shovels there. notoriously congested, 880, 280 interchange. gateway to valley fair mall and santana road. all hours of the day, jam packed. they will remake the stephens
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creek boulevard overpass. and a new entrance to the mall. >> i know it will be a burden, for neighbors and even for voters during the construction time. so, we know it is going to be -- it is going to be worth it in terms of ease of -- mobility. it is also going to be worth it in terms of -- >> yes, be pash ent, the project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2015. well, critics say, a free pass to get out of jail. but california voters, passed property 36, convincingly. revising the three strikes policy. now, hundreds of prisoners, who have so-called weak third strikes might be soon set free. their loved ones are waiting with open arms. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in martinez with one family's emotional story. >> raj, the public defender here, says her phone has been ringing off the hook. as people call in to try to find out if their family member will qualify for early release.
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now, we talked to one of those families, who, who says this week has been highly emotional as they hope and pray they will soon be welcoming their loved one home. >> we love him. that we are waiting for him. and i can't wait to see my mom. arms around him. and when heap is home our fami will be complete. >> elizabeth cruz says her fame lep hfame -- family has hope. her brother may be getting out of prison. serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug possession constriction. conviction under the throw strikes law sent him away for life. >> he has paid for more than a enough. he has done more than enough time already. >> cruz any mother says the punishment didn't fit the crime. and now that californians have voted to revise the law, the mother of ten is hopeful her family will soon be together
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again. >> this is what he did for me for mother's day. for birthdays. for christmases, thanksgivings. he is never around. i have a bunch of pictures, he is never in any of them. for the last ten years. and it hurts. you're not complete without a child. >> it is just heartening. >> the public defender says public defenders across the state are trying to identify who may qualify for resentencing hearings. she believes some inmates may earn early release in a few weeks. >> intent of the law is to release people serving long sentences for minor crimes. hopefully the judges will be on board. >> the cruz family hopes their loved one will be one of them. >> i just thank god, you know. it is a miracle. i get emotional.
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because my mom might be able to see her son walk out of a free man. >> the public defender hopes to have lists of those who qualify some time next week. those folks will have to go through a hearing. but again, she believes some of those folks may be home by the holidays. in martinez, jodi hernandez, nb bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. ahead here at 6:00. local city behind a landmark lgbt decision. >> helping veterans fight with ptsd, with a high-tech pen. newt program at one local college. >> our investigation into how a single key is a lug crooks to cash in while you are filling up. we'll be right back.
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the next time you fill your car, you may want to go inside and pay.
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one key opens the gas pumps across the country. >> gas station owners know about it so do the thieves. an easy way to steal your credit card information. >> bring in the investigative reporter, it seems unbleach bulk aseashell that just one key can unlock so many pumps, vicky. >> it is true. all gas station pumps were made with the same look to make inspections easier. now keys are providing easy access to a lucrative crime. in the end we are all on the hook. we all do it. swipe. pay. pump. but hidden behind here -- a new blue tooth enables skimmer that can rip your credit or debit information in second. police say the blue tooth technology makes it harder to catch crooks. once they install the devices, they can nab the numbers off your card from as far away as 100 yard. and they never have to return to recover the skimmer. what's more, this universal gas
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pump key is making it even easier for thieves to install these new skimmers. >> police thought that they have uncovered four skimmers amount this gas station. >> more on why this gas station owner won't talk to us in a moment. but first. >> virtually indetectable. >> leading a team looking into blue tooth skimming cases from gilroy to freemont. >> in the millions. the tip of the iceberg. >> russ: in two months, police recovered skimmers and 300 victims of fraud in the bay area. how do they get inside the pump? that's where this key comes in. >> a single key would open the credit card access door to any gas pump. >> right. one key opens the majority of gas station pumps. like this one in san jose. this one in mountain view. and this onen sunnyvale. simple. thieves copy the keys and install skimmers wherever they
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can. but there is a quick fix according to the cops. if gas station owners change the locks they can lock out the crooks. >> they're not taking the steps to protect their customers. >> they know it is a problem. they know we are using money refuse. >> one gas station is this one. they advised the owner to change his locks after they found two blue tooth skimmers. he didn't. weeks later they found two more skippers here. they don't yet know how many people had their credit card information stolen. i'm with nbc. >> we asked the owner for an interview. but he deidn't call us back. we met up with him. >> police have uncovered four skimmers at this gas station. and. you could change the locks to protect your customers' information. can you talk to us a little bit about why you haven't changed your locks. >> he didn't want to answer the questions. >> ed, can i give-up my card. >> he told us through the office
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door he ordered new locks but doesn't know when they will arrive. >> it is a concern. >> thamet customers would becheated. if we can do something by all means we well does that. >> this gas station owner says 6,000 cars pass through here every day. >> he says he changed hism after police found a blue tooth skimmer. >> all over the country. two keys that open every gas station pump. >> he said it cost $1,000. officers say the cost can be a detern't to station owners, but say cheaper options could also stop skimmers. like this security tape. that shows when a pump has been tampered with. many credit card come pans will cover the cost of fraud. sterner says the costs get passed along in the term of higher interest rates making this a crime we all pay for. many of you have asked, which stations were compromised? the truth is police can't keep up. it is so hard to trace these
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skmers or to catch the id thieves. best defense, use your credit card over your debit card. better fraud protection. look for newer stations with secure locks. if in doubt, pay inside. very interesting, thank you. itch you have a tip for vicky or any investigative reporters give us acall at -- or send us an e-mail directly to the unit at nbc bay let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. jeff, what a change in the weather. chilly outside. >> 60 degree spread in difference here, in just over three days from some of our daytime highs. also compared to some of those morning lows. today needed a jacket. 59, santa rosa. 56, santa theresa. mid 50s back into los gatos. get a look at the radar. scans around. fie find numerous reports of northern california, central. southern california from the
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cold storm system. right now continues to move to the south. so we have seen the worst of it. at this point. but we still have some lingering instability right here across the santa cruz mountains. picking up. quarter to 1/2 inch per hour. west of the scotts valley. may hold up. we think for scotts valley. glenwood. not expecting it to last long. 30, 40 minutes. could get a quick downpour on 17. let's bring you back out now to the snowfall totals. up across the sierra. it was going. pretty strong. we are starting to see things lessen up. and the heaviest over right now. look at these totals. anywhere from one to one and a half feet. up across kirkwood. north star. squaw valley. sugar bowl. in the past month. had about four feet of fresh snow. look at this cold from the storm system. gripping the entire state. from fort bragg to palms spring. 62. coldest numbers right now in the south bay with low and mid 40s.
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and cuppertino. take you live hd sky network. what you will see, roadway, still slick. but traffic moving on pretty good right now in downtown san jose. get you back into the weather boards. changes in here. storm system that brought us severe weather. now going to be shifting off to the east. here comes high pressure. not going to get hot. but we are going to be looking at milder weather as we head throughout this upcoming week d weekend. we'll detail all of it coming of in the full seven-day forecast. one of the most notable surfing ceremonies in the world wrapping up on the peninsula this evening. some of the world's top surfers held traditional paddle out. marking opening of the window for mavericks big wave surfing contest. the contest is by invitation only. fans can participate in the paddle circle. open until march 31st. uncase you have forgotten. all about the waves and when they're just right.
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surfers will be notified. and reconvene to ride the waves. >> still ahead, some serious must-see video. our reporter, takes the plunge in the red bull contest. >> double the suffering. newt report on allergies, that is nothing to sneeze at. >> look something straight out of a western. it is real. the investigate it out unit uncovers the threat to the economy. back in a moment.
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a private school was closed following an overnight fire. saint thomas moore school on south white road. investigators say the flames broke out in an office at the school. the water from the sprinkler system poured on to the gym floor. administrators hope the floor doesn't need to be replaced. the cause of the fire is not yet known. the school plans to resume classes monday for more than 200 students. >> families who need this holiday season will have a chance to soon up for help from
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the local community center. hundred of people camped out overnight at sacred heart community services san jose to register for holiday food distribution program. the program expect to provide food box for thousand of families for thanksgiving and for krchris mast too. >> we are going to be preparing the food boxes next weekend. hope to have all the food in by friday the right now we have four turkeys in the freezer. so, you do the math on that one. >> another registration will take place on friday. how did we all survive? twitter went down today. for a short period. san francisco 140 character or less company says it suffered a glitch. which many users, that meant many users were unable to post their tweets. the company got back in the groove shortly after. tweets have been flowing smoothly. confidence in american economy at its highest level in five years. university of michigan consumer sentiment survey, they say, rose
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in november. thanks in part to rising home prices, and some improved job numbers. still ahead here at 6:00. prominent gay fraternity files a lawsuit. >> and to fight ptsd, how a high tech pen is helping. >> stunning resignation, cia director. the fbi investigation that led to tip. also. i'm scott butma i'm scott budman. what you can do with your money now to stay ahead of what comes next.
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higher taxes.
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government cuts. the election may be over. the fiscal cliff is looming. >> lots may be asking what is the fiscal cliff? and how will it affect me? we go to our business and tech reporter, scott budman who went looking for the answers. scott. >> good evening. let's get one thing out of the way. the fiscal cliff is not new. it's the result of both parties. and extending our nation's debt ceiling last year, pushing the deadline for taxes and budget cuts until the end of this year. now that the election is over, it is what we are focusing on and the deadline is getting close. >> i've got the pen. ready to sign the bill right away. i'm ready to do it. >> it won't be that easy to avoid what is being called the fiscal cliff. a series of tax increases, and government cutbacks, set to hit at the end of the year, unless a budget compromise is reached first. >> right now, if congress fails to come to an agreement on an overall deficit reduction package by the end of the year,
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everybody's taxes will go up january 1. everybody's. including the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 a year. >> i'm proposing, it will be a fiscal cliff, avert the fiscal cliff in a manner that ensures 2013 is finally the year that our government comes to grips with the major problems that are facing us. this will bring jobs home. result in a stronger, healthier economy. >> what does that mean for you and me? >> people at different levels will feel it in their pocketbook. >> we put the question to jeff trom wealth adviser. certain of us would be affected by government cutbacks, almost all of affected by a rise in taxes. >> well at this point, those are elected officials. we are at the mercy of their negotiations. but it is important to beep be aware of how tax implications will affect your general plans. >> the largest of the tax hikes
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will hit the wealthy. lots of bay area investors and small business people would feel it too. the advice, move some of your money now, just in case. >> if you take the stand that, everybody is going to experience some type of tax increase, then, it makes certain investments more appealing. for instance, municipal bond. >> which are exempt from state and federal income taxes. other than that. we wait and if you are in the mood, write to your local representative to encourage compromise. unless or until we get a compromise, among the changes set to kick in at year end, end of the payroll tax, the ebbednd the bush era tax cut and increase in taxes related to president obama's new health care plan. jessica. >> okay. thank you very much, scott. >> well a bombshell today. one of the most highly respected officials in washington. cia director david petraeus, resigning to day, citing
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infidelity. in a statement he wrote, after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and leader of an organization. such as ours. now the woman he had an affair with not identified. nbc has confirmed the fbi is looking at e-mails exchanged between petraeus and his biographer, to see if national security was in any way put at risk. president obama did accept petraeus' resignation saying he wishes him and his wife, the very best at this difficult time. that bombshell came as a surprise to many on capitol hill. >> for lack of a better term, petraeus is a legend. one of the few generals in american history to get so much credit for so many things. >> petraeus was appointed to c if a director last year. prior to that commander of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. senator dianne feinstein called the resignation an enormous loss but says she understand the
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president's decision. >> this is not your ordinary pen. this pen can change or perhaps save lives. it is all about silicone valley and soldiers who are returning from the war zone overseas. here is nbc bay area's damian trujillo from foothill college. >> this is my -- >> kevin recorded the lecture in his philosophy class using a smart pen. >> puts me back into the classroom. if you know what i mean. i am able to listen to it. really not -- not intrusive at all. >> kevin is a former ammunitions specialist and drill sergeant for the u.s. army. now he is historying the books at foothill college with his gi bill and his smart pen. >> it just makes the learning process that much easier. some times repetition its what it takes for me. >> students can record lectures and take notes with the pens. when they place them on a particular part of their notes. they can hear that specific part
6:34 pm
of the lecture dpivgiven by the professor. the pens are so effective, they're donated to virtually every one of the 400 veterans enrolled at foothills. the pen should be especially helpful to those with perhaps some visible or hidden injuries. >> especially some of the veterans coming back with post-traumatic stress. and these are things to help them succeed. and if they succeed they're going to do well. and continue on with school. >> the thing i like about it really is -- i get distracted in class. but i can take this thing home and hook it up to my compute r and crar -- computer, crank it up. >> have the whole experience. easy to reflect back where you are having problems in your notes. you go directly to that spot. hit the pen on the note paper. it will tell you exactly what is going on during the lecture. >> silicone valley help for the
6:35 pm
gis on their next assignment. at foothill college, damian trujillo. >> vietnam veterans in the south bay will break ground tomorrow on the memorial in honor of the men that didn't return home. the san jose vietnam war memorial will have the names of 142 men killed in action. the monument will be located in the park across the street from hp pavilion. >> it is going to be a serene, peaceful, tranquil place. where people can come and reflect. >> organizers have used private money for the project so far, but they are raising find to pay for some of the bills and the upkeep. the study says veterans of other wars can build their own memorials on the same plot of land. >> did you see it? mccovey cove. one of our reporters, a daredevil. also.
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>> with the investigative unit. it may sound like something out of the wild, wild west. it is happening here in our backyard. i is costing you billions of dollars every year the we go behind the scenes of the great train robbery. coming up. >> off good evening. i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, nbc bay area weather center. clef clearing out in san francisco. temperatures drop. upper 40s on the weather board. track the record setting cold. while we had extreme weather this morning. also some great pictures coming in.
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>> a lawsuit, invoking the greek alphabet. the fraternity is suing another fraternity. the group says it came first. in 1986 to promote the interest of gay, bisexual students. it claims that they deliberately chose the name off by one greek letter causing confusion on twitter and other social media. the santa cruz group founded in 2005 calls itself gender neutral. ask that the newer group change its name and pay damages. >> san francisco to become the first american sit yae city to e cost of sex reassignment for uninsured transgender resident. it would treat people experiencing mental distress because they feel a mismatch between their body and gender identities. transgender rights add ve cvoca.
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in health matters tonight. you better stock up on the tissue. research shows allergies are going to get worse. in the year 2000, pollen production began in april and peaked in may. allergists say by 2040, the peak will come a month earlier. coughing, sneezing, wheezing will come earlier too. and cupped last longer and be severe. researchers blame it on climate change. amor g see a doctor, shower before bed, clean your glasses, keep windows closed, and wash your pets. put your self in a bubble and don't go out. >> a long list. >> long list of things. >> this is not for me. >> some times we blame it on jeff. you are not the one to blame. >> you are allergic to me. >> no. >> the weather. yes. always blame the weather guy. let's take a look outside. sky camera network. see, mainly clear here. also cold. we'll talk about near record setting lows and who could hit
6:41 pm
34 degreesup in a few minutes. >> i am climbing out of my bub to give you injury news. the news of the day from los angeles where the warriors play tonight. mike brown is out. as lakers' head coach. let the circus begin. warriors in the middle of it. we have a live report from l.a. next. from the xfinity sports dex.
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tonight the investigative unit uncovers a crime that dates back 100 years. >> hard to believe. making a comeback. investigative reporter, here to tell us about the crime that is costing americans billions of dollars every year. steven. >> exactly right. raj, jessica. one of the crimes no one wants to talk about. it impact each one of us every day. it's thieves, stealing tens of thousand, even millions of dollars worth of merchandise. right off moving freight trains. we call it the great train robbery. while it may sound look something out of an old western movie, from the wild, wild west, we discovered it is happening all over the country. and some of the hottest spots are right here in california.
6:44 pm
>> in a remote place like this one, when the sun goes down, the risk of cargo theft from passing freight trains goes up. gone lake that. tens of millions of dollars gone look that. it any just easy. it's easy for them to do. and, to escape is easy. >> it's costing ecach one of us every time we go to the store. law enforcement officials tell us the hot spots for rail theft start east of oakland then go outside of stockton done to fresno, l.a. and bakersfield. officials say thieves also work the tracks through the desert in arizona and new mexico. as well as in the train yard around chicago, atlanta, and new jersey. >> the criminals get on board the trains. and the train takes off. they will, climb through the containers and through the trailers. finding what they want. >> the sergeant lead california highway patrols, cargo theft interdiction out of oakland. fighting cargo theft on the
6:45 pm
roads and rails. >> cut a hole in the top of the trailer or outside the trailer from the flat bed, traveling on. when the train pulls over. they will unload the cargo. get off and call the chase car, or van to come pick them up. >> talking about criminals. >> being allowed to operate freely. it is a problem. >> with immunity. >> correct. >> you and i got to pay for it. >> we got to pay for it. >> now, coming up to night, you will be able to see for yourself, in fact there it is. this crime, taking place around a remote stretch of track. right here in california. we will also take you out to spots where the train thieves, lie in wait. and we will take you undercover. with federal agents trying to stop the crime that often takes place out of sight and out of mind. that's tonight at 11:00. see you there. >> opposite of the wild, wild west. and, if you have a tip for investigative unit. give us a call. you can send us an e-mail to the
6:46 pm
unit at nbc bay >> jeff ranieri. 6:45. friday night. here, heading into the weekend. >> thinking about saturday. >> of course. yeah, yeah. you know. >> storm system starting to move out. did produce severe weather. multiple lightning strikes in san francisco. a lot of you got woken up out of bed. several happening, 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. 900 power outages. now the strongest portion moved to the south. we are done with at least some of the heaviest rainfall. and when you think about the totals. first glance, not very high. 4/10. and san francisco, .23. milpitas, .23. how it fell in a short amount of time. makes numbers empressive. the other layer. not done with the rainfall yet. still have a little upper level energy in the atmosphere. finding a few spot of scattered showers here right across the santa cruz mountains. looks like this may have a decent potential here to live up across the lexington hills over
6:47 pm
the next half-hour or so. moving very slowly. but, do expect potentially, a shower across lexington hills, the next, 30, 40 minutes. now the temperatures, this is the other huge story. 48 right now in santa rosa. 50, concord. 40, sunnyvale. mount dim. ablo. outside the live camera network. not too much rainfall left on the radar. showed you. clear skies. enable temperatures to drop, record setting slows for tomorrow morning. we had two days of record setting heat to start the week. now talking about all-time record setting lows. here for the morning hours. going to find a chance here, scattered showers, at about 6:00 a.m. can't call it dry for your saturday morning. not picking up on a lot of rainfall. instability look this could mean some spotty showers. well, get in on the drier weather. head throughout the late morning hours. also on the afternoon. saturday. an that will keep the dry weather into your sunday forecast. now let's get a look at the
6:48 pm
numbers. combede e coldest. santa rosa. 32, napa. taking precautions out there in vine yard. 42 t. san jose. also, very cold 35 in los gatos. who could set record. keeping track. napa close. oakland. san francisco. very cold to start the day. chilly to end it. for your saturday. the mid to upper 50s. talking about the new outlet. opening up in livermore. maybe go there, get yourself a special deal. on the seven-day forecast. see as we head throughout sunday. dry weather. sunshine. on, veterans' day. then for monday, we have more sunny weather. and then, a few more showers returning for tuesday. wednesday, and also, for thursday. and oscillation. when it comes to long term. and it will be downward. and negative phase. and the next couple weeks. which could mean -- continual storm systems on and off lackike
6:49 pm
have seen. >> classic fall weather. >> arctic oscillation. >> ao if you want to sound cool. >> ao. >> and what's ahead in sports. from ao to jk. >> all right, guys. sound good. >> let's get into basketball here. warriors in l.a. take on the lakers tonight. bogut will nurse a sore foot. lakers without a head coach. after firing mike brown earlier today. just five games. nba season. laker general manager. on why the lakers got rid of brown. >> after five games, we just felt -- that we weren't winning. we weren't seeing improvement. and -- we made a decision. you know? maybe it would have changed.
6:50 pm
a month down the road. three months down the road. with this team we didn't want to wait three months. and then find out it wasn't going to change. >> pretty direct. all of us. and no messing around. time for us to -- to step it up. >> you have got the -- the history of the sport. and, you know, in play. and -- so, you know. >> something happened. >> lakers, just 1-4. no 1-4 has gone on to win. college. and the stanford cardinal. tip off the season tonight at oracle arena. for the cardinals much is expected this year after last year's post season and title.
6:51 pm
>> the game situations. you see them again. you kind of, know what to expect. and i, i saw that. running through the five games. the tournament. with the do-or-die, sense of urgency each time out. helps pro fell you and give you confidence. coming down the stretch. what do we need to do to execute. offensively. defensively. have to get a stop. understanding what you have to do to accomplish that. and, a lot sxuf peof experiencet regard. and make it progress. >> the 3 and 5 raiders. hit the road sunday. take on the baltimore ravens. silver and black, short-handed for this one. their top two running backs. mcfadden and goodson. out with high ankle sprains. and richardsy more will miss with multiple injuries. 49ers side. at home for the saint louis ramdz. and then in college football this weekend. stanford, number 14 in the bcs standings. they're at home for oregon state.
6:52 pm
or g oregon is at cal. that will do it. busy day in sports, guys. i'm ready for the weekendme. jeff told me it will be cold. i am bummed. >> thought you would work on it. i am trying to avoid the topic. can't you tell. come on, man. come on. i am still working on it. you will see. front row all of us. you, me, raj, jeff. done. >> jeff's coming too? >> yeah, why not. make it all a team. >> all right, thank you a lot. if you want a full half-hour of local sports coverage including warriors and big college football weekend. go to sportsnet central tonight on comcast sportsnet bay area at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
6:53 pm
participants in home made human powered aircraft attempt to take flight. it is german for flying day. or, air show. and while that is a loose translation. bay area teams have long been getting ready for their flight attempts by training just outside of at & t park on the cove, as they build their flying machines. all in good fun. with a backdrop, the home of the world series champs. from the home of the giants. nbc bay area, i'm any lawrence scott.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
here it is, the flying event, our own bob, flying. >> oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. >> did we cover that in our nbc universal policies here? >> my goodness. >> flew into the cove with the miniature san francisco trolley car. sfpd there to pick him up. >> can you get arrested for that? >> no. fine. in good one. they will be here, out of mccovey cove, sponsored by red bull. starts tomorrow at 1:00. jeff ranieri with the forecast. >> a wind chill going on.
6:57 pm
huge credit to bob. current temperatures. upper 40s and 50s. in the south bay, the coldest. from cuppertino. low to mid 40s. coming up, we will track who can get more record lows. the thing you will think about. storm activity start to push on out. some warmer weather moving on in. we will also let you know how hot we could get tonight tat 11:00. >> also tonight at 11:00, a teen killed in his backyard in 2009. tonight the family waiting for accused killers to stand trial. you well hear from them after dateline nbc. >> that will do it for us. have a great weekend and great evening. >> bye-bye. love decorating for the
6:58 pm
holidays. don't miss the summit league holiday house tour. a been fit for domestic violence. visit
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